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Leah Williamson Discusses ACL Injuries at Sports Knee Surgery

Mr. Shah Punwar recently attended the ‘Sports Knee Surgery’ event in Edgbaston, focusing on ACL prevention and rehab. There, an insightful interview unfolded between Leah Williamson, the England Lionesses captain, and Austin Healey, an ex-England Rugby player who has undergone total knee replacement surgery. Williamson’s experience with an ACL injury, a common injury among women […]

Painful Knee Replacement? You May Need Revision Surgery

Each year, thousands of people manage to regain mobility and lead a pain-free life thanks to knee replacement surgery. According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, more than 100,000 knee replacement surgeries are carried out in the UK annually. While most of these surgeries run smoothly, for various reasons, some patients may […]

When to Choose a Partial Knee Replacement

Undergoing knee surgery can be a daunting process, especially when you’re faced with multiple options. A total knee replacement is usually recommended for treating widespread tissue damage in the knee. But sometimes a partial knee replacement is more suitable. Designed to treat specific areas of arthritis damage in the knee, a partial knee replacement is […]

Another footballer’s ACL Repair – Lia’s story

Since the Lionesses have been on centre stage, there has been a spotlight on Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries. England Captain Leah Williamson suffered an ACL injury in April, preventing her from competing in the Women’s World Cup. This followed a bout of ACL injuries among other elite female football players. Here, teaching assistant Lia, […]

Preventing Knee Injuries – With Warm-Ups

Knee injuries, specifically those affecting the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), are increasingly prevalent among young athletes. Furthermore, recent stories following the ‘ACL injury epidemic’ in Women’s Football demonstrates how important it is to ‘tackle’ the issue. These injuries are notoriously challenging to treat, with a high risk of re-injury, making early prevention paramount. Enter ‘Power […]

After ACL Repair Rehab Success, Joe is Running Again!

Having a strong focus on your rehabilitation after surgery can make a huge difference to your results. Also, a young family and an active career were big incentives for Joe to make a strong comeback after his ACL surgery with Mr Punwar. Here, Joe talks about his ACL experience, and hopes to inspire others to […]

Knee and Hip Evening Consultations at The Blackheath Hospital

Experienced consultant knee and hip surgeon, Mr Shah Punwar is now able to offer patients extended appointment times at The Blackheath Hospital, London. Evening consultations are available between 5.30pm and 8.00pm, on alternate Tuesdays. Contact the clinic on 0208 318 7722 or email Punwar.admin@lips.org.uk to book an appointment.

Study Links Old Style Hip Replacements with Heart Damage

A study carried out by Heart Research UK found that people that received certain hip replacements in the 2000’s, could now be at risk of heart disease. This follows a deeper analysis of the heart health of those patients who received the metal-on-metal replacements, which revealed some disturbing findings. Although concerning news for those patients […]

Arthrogenic Muscle Inhibition in Knees

Arthrogenic muscle inhibition (AMI) can occur after knee injuries or surgeries, resulting from neural inhibition that causes failure in quadricep activation. Its impact on quadricep strength is significant, as knee extensor peak torque may decrease by 80 to 90% within one to three days following knee joint surgery. While this effect lessens over time, residual […]

Marathon Running and Arthritis Risk

Long-distance runners are often cautioned about the potential wear and tear on their joints. However, a recent study has revealed that running distance, frequency, and speed are not linked to a higher risk of osteoarthritis. In this blog, we explore the findings of this latest research and look at the factors that do increase the […]

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