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Avoid the pain of waiting for a joint replacement

A study published in the Bone and Joint Journal has found that large numbers of patients who are waiting for a joint replacement in the UK are suffering from pain that is ‘worse than death’. The COVID pandemic and its ramifications have resulted in thousands of patients across the UK having non-urgent operations cancelled or […]

Is it ever too late to get a hip replacement?

Hip replacement is a very common form of surgery. The most common reason for needing a hip replacement is osteoarthritis affecting the hip joint. Osteoarthritis usually affects older people. Some studies even suggest that most people aged over 60 show some signs of a degree of osteoarthritis. There is no time limit on hip replacement […]

The importance of early assessment in knee injuries

Knee injuries are all too common – particularly at the moment, when running is seeing an all-time popularity surge as people have come to realise the huge boost it can offer to your mental health. The temptation can often be to ignore a knee injury; if exercise is your release, then you don’t want to […]

Physiotherapy and ACL injuries

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a ligament in the knee, which joins the femur (upper leg bone) with the tibia (lower leg bone) and its function is to keep the knee stable. ACL tears are common amongst sportspeople, both professional and amateur. ACL injuries generally occur when the knee is bent backward, or twisted. […]

Consultant Interview Course at Orthopaedic Research UK

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Why your knee or hip pain can feel worse in the winter

If it wasn’t enough to contend with Coronavirus this winter, anyone suffering from arthritis knows that the colder months can worsen joint pain and stiffness. There have been a number of studies that have tried to explain why some people seem to suffer more through the winter. Arthritis and cold weather One explanation is that […]

Hip replacements found to cut risks of falls

Hip replacement surgery can often seem daunting, but the benefits of increased mobility, and absence of pain and discomfort, usually outweighs any concerns for those suffering from hip arthritis. Now, another benefit can be added to the list; according to a new article in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, patients that […]

COVID and its impact on the self-pay market

Our National Health Service has had to rise to the challenge of the COVID pandemic by redesigning its services to cope with the onslaught of patients. As a result of these decisions, though, there have been many unintended effects in terms of access to acute care, diagnostics and planned surgery. In fact, COVID has been […]

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