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Study Links Old Style Hip Replacements with Heart Damage

A study carried out by Heart Research UK found that people that received certain hip replacements in the 2000’s, could now be at risk of heart disease. This follows a deeper analysis of the heart health of those patients who received the metal-on-metal replacements, which revealed some disturbing findings. Although concerning news for those patients […]

Arthrogenic Muscle Inhibition in Knees

Arthrogenic muscle inhibition (AMI) can occur after knee injuries or surgeries, resulting from neural inhibition that causes failure in quadricep activation. Its impact on quadricep strength is significant, as knee extensor peak torque may decrease by 80 to 90% within one to three days following knee joint surgery. While this effect lessens over time, residual […]

Marathon Running and Arthritis Risk

Long-distance runners are often cautioned about the potential wear and tear on their joints. However, a recent study has revealed that running distance, frequency, and speed are not linked to a higher risk of osteoarthritis. In this blog, we explore the findings of this latest research and look at the factors that do increase the […]

Brian Rates his Knee Surgery ‘Five Star Plus’

Having travelled the World in the military, and working as a chef at top class events including the London Summer Olympics 2012, Brian knows all about excellent service. After his total knee replacement surgery with Mr Shah Punwar, he likened the procedure to ‘a five star plus hotel experience’. Having led a very active life, […]

Common Questions About Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery can be a life-changing treatment for those suffering from severe knee pain and limited mobility. This common procedure is carried out on thousands of patients each year, helping them to regain a better quality of life. Prior to undergoing a knee replacement, it helps to know what to expect. In this blog, […]

Common Questions About Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is an operation to replace an arthritic, damaged hip joint. When there is significant cartilage loss in the hip joint causing pain, stiffness and mobility issues, a full replacement of the joint may be required. By the time hip replacement is necessary patients are often waking in pain at night and unable […]

Subchondroplasty for the Treatment of Knee Pain

Knee pain affects millions of people every day, leading to a lower quality of life and issues with mobility. Treatments for knee pain largely depend upon the root cause of the problem. For those suffering with pain due to bone marrow lesions, one option that is proven to work is subchondroplasty. So, what is subchondroplasty […]

How to Prepare for Knee Surgery for Best Results

New research funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research has found that fewer knee replacement procedures are being carried out in England due to strict guidelines. Many surgeons are refusing to carry out the procedure until patients lose weight. Those who do not lose weight are being refused a knee replacement in […]

Can Hip Arthritis Present As Knee Pain?

Hip arthritis can be a very painful condition that makes life difficult for many people. Normally, following symptoms of prolonged pain or tenderness in the hip joint, it is formally diagnosed after a clinical assessment by a GP and an X-ray. However, sometimes the pain of hip arthritis can be misleading. This is because the […]

Study Shows Walking Can Prevent Knee Pain

A new study has revealed that walking can help to prevent knee pain for those suffering with osteoarthritis. The research, carried out by the Baylor College of Medicine, highlights the long-term benefits of walking regularly for patients over 50. Additionally, it also suggests walking could be an effective way to slow down damage within the […]

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