custom knee replacements

Traditionally, knee replacement surgery has been something of a one-size-fits-all procedure. Whilst the prostheses are of course available in different sizes, they are standard sizes. So the surgeon has to choose the one that is the closest fit to the patient’s actual knee.

We are staying active until much later in life now, and more young people are having knee replacement surgery. A knee replacement that allows for greater functionality has become necessary.

Custom knee replacements

Standard knee replacement surgery can still be very effective. But surgeons like Mr Punwar want to be able to offer their more active patients something that best suits their needs. Above all, the surgery should allow them to return to a level of activity that is similar to what they are used to.

To achieve this, the patient’s knee is scanned using a CT scanner. This information is then fed into special software that will turn the scan into a 3D model of the patient’s knee joint.

This means that the prosthetic knee replacement is an exact replica of the patient’s own knee. Therefore it should function almost as well as the original knee.

Who is a suitable candidate for custom knee replacement?

Anyone who is a candidate for knee replacement surgery could opt to have a custom knee replacement. However younger patients with an active lifestyle will get the most benefit from having a totally personalised procedure.

How long do custom knee replacements last?

As with standard knee replacement surgery, a custom knee replacement should last for at least twenty years. The concept is too new for any data to be available yet. However, many surgeons believe that a custom joint should last longer, as a better fit means less wear on the bones beneath.

Are there any advantages in terms of the surgery itself?

Because the replacement is an exact match of the patient’s own knee joint, there should be less bone cutting required during surgery. So, in theory, the operation may be quicker than a standard knee replacement procedure.

This also means less disruption to the tissue, so recovery may be slightly quicker too. However, it is important to follow your surgeon’s post-operative advice and not do too much too soon.

Are there any aesthetic benefits?

Yes – because the prosthesis is an exact model of your natural knee. Once the swelling has gone down, the look of your knee should be pretty well preserved. In addition, the improved mobility the procedure provides should make your knee replacement pretty much undetectable.

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