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The impact of the COVID pandemic has forced hospitals to reconfigure many of their services. This has led to many operations being either cancelled or delayed. Over 6 million people are currently waiting for hospital treatments, including hip and knee replacements.

The New Joint Pain App

A new app has been developed that could help to treat chronic joint pain and reduce hospital waiting lists. The app was developed by a Swedish digital health company and it aims to provide information and treatment advice to those suffering with chronic joint pain.

It is currently being trialled in Scotland by connecting 100 people, aged over 45 and living with knee osteoarthritis, to a registered physiotherapist. The app then encourages users to do five minutes of tailored exercises a day to help ease pain and restore movement.

A study of patients using the app has shown that they were able to reduce their levels of pain by 41% after just six weeks. Furthermore, some patients even decided that they no longer felt that they needed surgery.

The trial has been welcomed by the UK Government Minister for Scotland who stated, “This pioneering treatment has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of our patients”.

How to Prepare for Joint Surgery

With extended waiting times, many patients often wait longer than 2 years on NHS waiting lists. During this time there are a few things that can help to prepare for surgery – this prehabilitation stage is just as important as following post-operative advice.

Reduce Excess Weight

It is recognised that it is important to eat well and manage your weight before surgery. This can help to reduce the chances of complications following your operation and improve your recovery. It is a good idea to reduce your intake of high saturated fat, high sugar and high salt foods. Also, ensure you are eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables alongside a protein-dense diet.

Low Impact Exercise

Keeping moving is one of the best ways to stay healthy as you wait for surgery. It can be a good idea to incorporate low impact cyclical exercise such as swimming into your regime. This will allow you to strengthen your muscles and lose weight without placing too much pressure on your weakened joints. Additionally, by exercising regularly and safely, you can help to strengthen the muscles around your joints. This will help with recovery and get you moving quicker in the postoperative stages.

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