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A recent Australian study has revealed that online physiotherapy, conducted via video conferencing, is just as effective as traditional in-person sessions when treating chronic knee pain.

Carried out during the lockdowns of the COVID pandemic, online physio not only proved viable, but also more beneficial than traditional sessions in some cases. However, despite this evidence, both patients and healthcare providers are sceptical.

Here, we’ll explore the latest findings and the benefits of prehabilitation prior to undergoing knee surgery.

Online physio as effective as in-person sessions

The recent study included a total of 394 adults aged over 45 who were experiencing knee pain. They were being treated by one of 15 physiotherapists enrolled in the research, spread across 27 practices throughout Victoria and Queensland, Australia.

The participants were split into two groups, with one receiving online physio sessions, and the other attending in-person sessions. Both groups underwent five sessions over a three-month period, along with a home exercise plan.

Interestingly, over the three months, those who did their physio online experienced the same benefits as those who did it in person. They were also more likely to attend all their sessions and found it more convenient.

This is great news, especially for those who have trouble getting to a physiotherapist’s office. It shows that online physio can be a reliable option for those in need.

The importance of prehabilitation before surgery

Prehabilitation, or ‘prehab’ involves a structured program of exercises and physiotherapy. It is designed to strengthen the knee and improve its function before the patient undergoes their operation.

Engaging in prehab can significantly minimise knee pain while you wait to have the surgery, as well as speed up recovery. It helps to strengthen the muscles around the knee, improving mobility and leading to improved results after the procedure.

While it is known to have many benefits, physical therapy for knee osteoarthritis isn’t used often enough. This recent research may help to encourage more practitioners to encourage physiotherapy prior to knee surgery.

Other ways to prepare for knee surgery to improve results

Alongside physiotherapy, there are other things you can do to increase the likelihood of a smooth, fast recovery, and achieve optimal results after knee surgery. Lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, eating healthily, and managing your weight can make a big difference to the results.

Another thing to focus on is making sure you choose the right surgeon. You can follow the best prehabilitation plan in the world, but if you choose an inexperienced surgeon you aren’t going to achieve the best results. Always make sure you are choosing a skilled, experienced orthopaedic surgeon like Mr Shah Punwar.

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