hip replacement

Hip replacement is a very common form of surgery. The most common reason for needing a hip replacement is osteoarthritis affecting the hip joint.

Osteoarthritis usually affects older people. Some studies even suggest that most people aged over 60 show some signs of a degree of osteoarthritis.

There is no time limit on hip replacement surgery. If you are over 90, fit and well, and need a hip replacement, there is no medical reason to not have treatment. There are risks involved in any surgical procedure, which your surgeon will discuss with you in your initial consultation.

What are the signs that I need a hip replacement?

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, the chances are that your GP is aware of your condition. If you are having regular check ups, they will refer you for surgery once it becomes necessary.

However, there are some signs to look out for that could be indicative of the need for surgery:

  • A grinding sensation in your hip (known as crepitus)
  • Lack of movement in the hip joint
  • General pain and stiffness in the hip and groin that is not being helped by medication or other treatment
  • Difficulty in getting out of low chairs, cars or the bath
  • Difficulty putting your shoes and socks on

How do I decide if the time is right for a hip replacement?

It is vitally important that you and your surgeon look together at all the factors leading to surgery. You can then make a decision about whether or not a hip replacement is necessary at this juncture.

Some factors you might want to consider and discuss with your GP or surgeon are:

  • Are your hip problems affecting your ability to get around?
  • Does this impact your quality of life?
  • Do the benefits of the surgery outweigh any risks?
  • Have you difficulty sleeping?
  • Do you have any underlying medical conditions that may increase the risk of surgery?
  • Are you prepared to attend the necessary physiotherapy sessions after surgery, to ensure that the operation produces optimal results?

Should I have a hip replacement privately, or on the NHS?

Again, this is a decision which everyone must make according to their own individual needs. Hip replacement surgery is certainly available on the NHS. There is no reason why the outcome should be any different if you choose to use a private provider.

One major consideration, however, is the waiting time. Even under normal circumstances, the waiting list for hip replacement surgery on the NHS can be lengthy. It is hard to know how long you might have to wait before an operation is available through the NHS.

Hip replacement surgery can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life. It is important to make an informed decision about when is the right time for you to undergo surgery.

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